Who are we?

The Council of Christians and Jews brings together the Christian and Jewish Communities in a common effort to fight the evils of prejudice, intolerance and discrimination between people of different religions, races and colours, and to work for the betterment of human relations based on mutual respect, understanding and goodwill. It is neither a missionary nor a political organisation.

There is No Such Thing as 'Other People'

There is No Such Thing as 'Other People'
A free booklet containing transcripts of presentations made by Sarah Crowther (Director, REAP) and Fazil Kawani (Executive Director of Integration, The Refugee Council) at our branch event commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day 2013.

Download a copy here (pdf) or email us (chairman@ccj-hillingdon.org.uk) for a printed copy: all we ask is for the cost of postage.

Recordings Available

Recording of many of our presentations are availble.

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An Act Of Faith...

The Council of Christians and Jews came into being during the darkest days of World War Two against the background of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. The Council was inaugurated in 1942 by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr William Temple, and Chief Rabbi Dr Hertz.

Combatting prejudice, intolerance, discrimination and antisemitism are still CCJ's primary aims. It encourages Christians and Jews to appreciate and respect each other's distinctive beliefs while recognising their common ground.

The Council is neither a missionary organisation nor a political one. It is a builder of bridges, enabling Christians and Jews to work together for better understanding in our multifaith society.

The Council of Christians and Jews has achieved a great deal but so much more remains to be done. You can help: Join your local branch of the CCJ now!